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Present Continuous (present of be + ing)

December 28, 2006
  • web use the present continuouns
  • for temporary situations exicting for a period at the present time
  • for situations which are changing during the present time
  • for actions, or repeated actions or habits, occuring at the  moment of speaking
  • to express annyoing habits with words like allways

Example :

  • i’m staying with a friend at the moment.
  • The weather’s getting hotter and hotter.
  • i’m using John’s mobile phone because i left my mine at home.
  • Your are always borrowing money.

New words :

  • situation – орон, байдал, төлөв
  • exist – орших, амьдрах, байх
  • period – хугацаа, цаг vе
  • stay – байх, суух
  • howaday –
  • hotter – дулаан
  • which – ямар, аль, хэн нь
  • occuring
  • borrow
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  1. baterdene permalink
    August 24, 2007 6:55 am

    hi , ene udriin mend hurgie,
    hel suramaar bna gebch neg l uragshlahgui bna, tuslaach,

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