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Англи, Америкийн элчин сайдын яамнаас виза хvсэх ярилцлаганд тавигдах асуултууд

February 7, 2007

Эдгээр асуултууд нь яг асуугддаг гэж хэлэхгvй ч ямарч байсан асуух магадлалтай асуултуудыг жагсаалаа.
Асуултад хариулаад 100 оноо авч чадаж байвал та виза авсан л гэсэн vг.

Why did you choose the United States of America?
Who is going to pay for your living expenses?
Who is paying for your tuition fee?
If you could wish for anything right at this moment, what would it be?
How long have you been studying English?
Where did you learn English?
What do your parents do?
Who are your parents?
Why are you going to the United States of America?
When did you finish/graduate high school?
What was your undergraduate GPA?
Who was youi childhood hero?
Are you ready to be on your own?
How old are you?
Why did you choose the major you chose?
How long do you intend on staying in the United States of America?
What’s your purpose of going to the United States of America?
What high school did you graduate?
Have you ever been to the USA before?
Where do you live?
Where did you grow up?
How did you learn English?
Do you have enough money to support yourself while in America?
Will you be traveling alone or with others?
What is your date of birth?
Have you ever been outside of Mongolia?
Do you have any health conditions?
Do you have a positive or a negative view on life?
Do you know the goal of the foundation you have chosen?
What do you know about the State you will live in?
Who is your favorite artist?
When will you come back?
Who do you live with?
Do you have relatives in the USA?
Do you have friends in the USA?
What is your passion?
What is your hobby?
What will you do after you get your bachelors degree?
What is your favorite kind of sport and why?
Tell me all you know about the company you made a contract with.
Have you ever been on your own before?
Why do you think/feel you are mature/old enough to be on your own?
What will you do in the USA?
How wil1 you get to the States?
How did you come to choose your profession?
Why did you choose to study the English language?
What was your favorite subject in high school?
What was the date you graduated?
Please tell me a little about where you grew up.
Tell me about a moment in your life that changed you.
What’s your favorite TV show?
What kind of music do you listen to?

What is your dream?
Why did you choose this program?
Who will pay for your travel expenses?
What kind of pets do you prefer?
What’s your phone number?

Do you have any kids?
Are you married?
Why did you choose the college you chose?
How many siblings do you have?
What’s you favorite color?
What is your short and long term goal?
What .do you think about terrorist attacks in the USA?
What kind of cultural difficulties do you expect if you go to the USA?
Do you have a scholarship?

Do you like working in a group or individually?
Tell me what you know about the college you will attend!
Do you think Bush is a good president? Why?
Have you applied for a USA visa before?
Do you speak any other languages besides your native language?
What’s the biggest difference between Mongolia and the USA?
Who is the closest person to you in your family?
What exactly are you excited about?
Please introduce yourself!
Who will pick you up from airport once you get to the USA?
What does TOEFL mean?
What was your TOEFL score?
Where were you born?

What is your parents’ occupation?
What do you like to do in your free time?
How do you usually spend your free time?
What will you do in your free time in the United States?
Have you ever been outside of Mongolian?
What will you do after you return from the States?
What are your career goals?

What do you want to be in the future?
Do you have any work experiences?
Did you visit any other countries?
Have you ever lived somewhere else outside of Mongolia?
How do you feel about going to the USA?
What is your parents’ monthly/annually/yearly income/salary?
What do you know about American history?
How can you prove to me that will come back?
How can you grantee me that you will not remain in America?
Do you intend on working in the USA?
What are you expecting from America that would be useful once you return?
What is your parents’ number?
Why should I give you the USA visa?
What did you do to deserve this scholarship?
Why is /Sponsor Name/ giving you this scholarship?

Амжилт хvсье!

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  1. Erdenebayar permalink
    February 22, 2007 7:44 am

    thx to you

  2. Хүслэн permalink
    March 3, 2007 3:59 am

    Энэ их хэрэгтэй асуултуудын бичиж тавьсанд баярлалаа. :). Хүмүүсээ хэрвээ дээрх 2 элчингийн аль нэгэнд ярилцлаганд орох гэж байгаа бол дээр бичигдсэн асуултнуудаас хэтэрдэггүй юм байна лээ шүү. Би саяхан ярилцлаганд орсон. Уг нь хэрхэн ярилцлаганд бэлдхээ сайн мэдэхгүй байлаа л да. Тэгсэн Болороогийн тавьсан асуултанд ерөнхийдөө бэлтгээд орсон чинь. Амжилттай шүү :). Баярлалаа. Цаашид хэрэгтэй мэдээлэл бичиж байгаарай. Хүмүүсээ асуусан асуулт дундаас аль нь ч зөрөөгүй гээд л бод доо.

  3. Bolor permalink
    April 3, 2007 3:31 pm

    Thank you so much for the advice.That was very helpful!^_^

  4. Bob permalink
    January 16, 2008 9:45 am

    En asuultuud yag irdeg esehiig herhen medeh ve


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